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That Real Blind Tech Show

Aug 14, 2022

It’s a packed again That Real Blind Tech Show lair as we dive in to the American Council of the Blind’s recently released 2022 resolutions. And are we really positive that it is not the American Council For the Blind? And if so, why not?


Some of the jokes are a continuation of our last episode as we recorded both of them together but after an epic historically long recording session, we broke it up in to two episodes. So if you are wondering why we find beeping getting faster and faster kind of sexual, then go listen to the last episode to find out why door detection is just so damn sexy!


You will not want to miss an absolutely classic experience that happened with an Air Pod while recording this episode. Strange stuff. And it was so classic it happened twice, and we left almost all of it in for your enjoyment as it is not always smooth sailing recording That Real Blind Tech show.


Here is the link to all of the ACB’s 2022 resolutions we discuss in this episode.


And we actually did save the best for last, to capitalize or not to capitalize braille!


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