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That Real Blind Tech Show

Oct 14, 2020

Join Brian and Ed as they discuss whether or not Amazon Prime Day has Jumped the Shark. The recent updates to Blind Square GPS and NFB Newsline. Will HBOMax and Peacock ever fix their accessibility of their iOS apps? A brief conversation on the recently released Microsoft Surface Books or Pads or whatever they are calling them these days. Then it is on to the Apple newly announced products with our thoughts about the new Apple HomePod Mini and the trillions of new iPhone 12’s announced. Is there any reason for a totally blind VoiceOver user to get the iPhone 12 Pro Max? Can you guess how many different iPhones and price plans Apple is now offering? Listen to find out the answer! Please do yourself a favor and do not get a 64 gig iPhone. Trust us, you will thank us in the long run. Ed also exposes Brian for the true Germaphobe he is, and we get an interruption from a friend of Brian’s. Actually the podcast was called Smokey College Football Picks with the Bandit, but we have taken this season off. Wait, my iPhone tells me I have been on 5G for two years, am I special and more advanced then everyone else? And it’s the return of What’s Pissing Off Brian and Whatcha reading Whatcha Streaming.

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Articles Discussed In This episode
1. New Microsoft Surface Books
2. Introducing the Apple HomePod Mini
3. Apple Introduces Intercom Mode
4. The iPhone 12’s Are Here
5. The truth About 5G
6. Apple Brings Back MagSafe Charging For the New iPhones