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That Real Blind Tech Show

Oct 31, 2020

Join Ed and Brian for a discussion about the fantastic news about HBOMax on the verge of getting accessibility improvements and Audio Described Content, YouTube Audio Described tracks, and no Audio Description for This is Us first two episodes. The rumor mill be abuzz that Apple is working on its own search engine. And no more Internet Explorer for you real soon!

Then we  are joined by Jeanine Stanley from Aira for a very open and honest discussion about the current issues some Aira Explorer’s have had with the service, the changes to Aira in 2020, and what Aira Explorers can expect from the future of Aira. We also discuss a new promo Aira has going with Starbucks in select cities. An upcoming exciting Aira Webinar with the Negro League Baseball Hall of Fame on November 6, 2020. Brian don’t take things so literally, hey, do you know what Aira stands for?

After our interview with Jeanine its a discussion about the pros and cons of the new iPhone 12.

Then of course more of What’s Pissing Off Brian Now and Watcha Streaming Whatcha Reading.

To contact us even though Brian got the Twitter handle wrong twice during the show you can follow us on Twitter @BlindTechShow, email us in, Join us on the Facebook at That Real Blind Tech Show or call us in with your comments at 929-367-1005.

Articles Discussed In This episode.
1. Accessibility Enhancements Are On The Way to HBOMax Along With Audio Description
2. Evidence Is Mounting That Apple Is Designing Its Own Search Engine
3.Internet Explorer Users May Be Surprised When They Are Directed To Microsoft Edge Next Month
4. To Learn More About Aira Visit Them on The Web