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That Real Blind Tech Show

Sep 4, 2020

We start off with is it a bird? Is it a plane? Was it Ed flying around in a JetPack in Los Angeles this past weekend, or maybe the real Iron Man? That screaming you heard was Ed and Brian during a tension breaker when they heard that all newly redesigned apps are coming to amazon and Facebook. We hear Netflix watch parties are all the rage these days, can they ever be made fully accessible? Mask Selfie’s being required by Uber, anyone else plan to use a photo of the Lone Ranger? After our interview with Karen Kramer, a retired O and M trainer,  its on to an important conversation about advocacy. Are you doing more harm then good with your advocacy? Is Apple actually listening to That Real Blind Tech show as after Brian complained on the last episode about his new iMac delivery, it actually came on time.  Then it is on to a discussion of an article published by David Rosenblatt about web accessibility annoyances. And it would not be That Real Blind Tech show without What’s Pissing Off Brian and er, maybe Ed!
Join us for a special interview with Karen Kramer, a recently retired O and M trainer in New York City for a discussion about what challenges mobility trainers and their clients are facing during the Corona Virus.
Articles Discussed in This Episode.
1. Iron Man Spotted in Los Angeles All new design coming to the amazon app
3. Uber to require some riders to take Mask Selfies!
4. David Rosenblatt’s article on the Five Most Annoying Accessibility Issues He Faces When Browsing A Website