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That Real Blind Tech Show

Aug 23, 2023

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech Show, Brian is joined by Developer, Writer, and Fellow Podcaster Casey Liss from The Accidental Tech Podcast. Casey is the developer behind the new fantastic CallSheet iOS app. The app works fantastically well with VoiceOver, and we highly recommend subscribing to the app if you are a TV and Movie fan.


We kick the interview off actually talking about Brian and a little behind the scenes about his Top Gear appearance.


Casey then tells us how he came up with the idea for CallSheet, and then walks us through how the app ended up being fully accessible for VoiceOver users. Casey explains how Swift UI Kit  makes it easier to design apps with accessibility in mind.


Casey tells us about meeting one on one with an Accessibility expert at Apple during WWDC, and how beneficial it was to him.


We talk about Casey’s fellow podcasters John Siracusaa and Marco Arment from the Accidental Tech Podcast, and discuss how Marco was helpful in the development of CallSheet.


We discuss the Yahoo All Blind Fantasy Football League Mini Documentary and how it was all born out of accessibility and communication.


We then discuss the subscription plans in CallSheet and what they include. Casey then tells us what developers think about short and long term when setting subscription costs.


We then talk about the where CallSheet’s information is sourced from and whether or not you can update information on it.


We then discuss possible CallSheet integration with Plex and Channels. Which leads Brian to mentioning Audio Description and how fantastic it would be to have a service that mentions whether or not a title has Audio Description.


Casey tells us a little about his podcast The Accidental Tech Podcast and you can subscribe to it here.


You can keep up with all things Casey on his website. You can also find Casey on Mastodon and Instagram.     


We finish up discussing Mastodon and the blind communities exodus from Twitter, or whatever they are calling it these days.


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