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That Real Blind Tech Show

Jun 26, 2021

Wait for it, wait for it, the gang is back together for the first time in awhile.


We start off discussing a recent petition started in England demanding that all content aired and streamed provide audio description. You can sign the petition here. We then discuss a bill being drafted before the U.S. Congress to make...

Jun 20, 2021

Brian is back once again flying solo for another demo, this time he will be demoing three new products from Satechi. With Amazon Prime Day starting in a few hours, some of Satechi’s products may be on sale on Amazon. If not, you can buy these products directly from Satechi, and they often have sales on these items.

Jun 13, 2021

Brian is flying solo once again for another That Real Blind Tech show demo. On this episode Brian demos the Sonos Roam along with the Sonos app, and a third party Watch App called Lyd that really compliments the Sonos system quite well, and gives you complete control of your Sonos system from your Apple Watch.



Jun 11, 2021

We decided to put together a quick demo for you on how to turn off Amazon Sidewalk through the Amazon Alexa app. Amazon Sidewalk is a new feature that Amazon has decided to opt most people in to automatically. The Sidewalk feature creates a low band bluetooth bridge that will help keep people’s devices connected in...

Jun 9, 2021

Allison and Brian are joined by Jeanine Stanley pinch hitting for Ed. Hold on to your shoelaces as the gang is going to discuss all the announcements coming out of Cupertino and how we feel they will effect accessibility.


We kick off the show discussing a few things Apple did not discuss during WWDC. First that out...