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That Real Blind Tech Show

Oct 13, 2023

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech Show with the entire gang here. We kick off the pre-roll with the first ever That Real Blind Tech Show talent competition where Jeanine dominates, and others just try.


After our intros and a brief discussion about the horrific event that transpired this past weekend, we get in to some nonsense to hopefully put a smile on your face.


Our first article we discuss may be of interest to those Ring Doorbell owners, and how you can get Amazon to give you 1 million dollars!


You will not believe this next one as a man was sentenced to 9 years in prison in England for his A.I. girlfriend talking him in to attempting to kill Queen Elizabeth. Disclaimer this took place while she was still alive, and we can not confirm or deny that this was Steven or Shaun from Double Tap!


Remember that call for a pause on the further development of A.I.? Well, it didn’t work.


The reviews are in, and so far A.I. is a money pit that isn’t paying off. Here is the must see YouTube video of a British Comic speaking before Oxford University about the environment that Brian mentions.


Can’t green and blue bubbles live together in perfect harmony? And on a side note who the hell knew there were different colored bubbles in your text messages?


87% of American teenagers own an iPhone.


This year’s Laugh For Sight NYC Comedy Benefit is coming up on Monday, October 30th at Gotham Comedy Club, you can purchase your tickets here.


Future iPads may be able to charge your other devices through its screen.


Is your iPhone shutting off in the middle of the night? You’re not alone.


We then discuss Allison’s new AirPod Pros with a USBc charging case, and how often we charge our AirPods.


We then get a little sidetracked in the first ever That Real Blind Tech show singing competition, but you will not want to miss it and make sure to submit your vote for a winner at


The only thing worse then the state of things at Twitter is the stuff that is going on in house at Twitter. And in another poor decision by Musk, Twitter removes headlines from news articles causing accessibility to go down hill for screen reader users.


We then have a discussion of the top five apps we use on a daily basis, not necessarily accessibility focused, but we end up only doing three rounds, as we get a little sidetracked. If you listen to the full episode you will discover why we cut it short a little later in the show. You will not want to miss it!


It’s a special What’s Pissing Off Brian Now, with a bunch of quick hitters, and we get a What’s Pissing Off Jeanine and Allison, with a very special reaction by ed that you will not want to miss.


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