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That Real Blind Tech Show

Nov 6, 2023

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech Show. The entire gang is almost here, we’re missing Ed, but we got David Goldstein pinch hitting for Ed  as we recap the Apple Scary Fast event. But not to worry our show includes a lot more than the Apple event included.


We kick the show off discussing traitorous behavior, and how silly other blind podcasts can be. Yes, we are quite the critics.


We then play a clip of Brian on the news discussing this year’s Laugh For Sight Comedy Benefit which was at Gotham Comedy Club on Monday, October 30th, yes, the same time as the Apple Scary Fast event. We bet we were much more entertaining, as David and Brian discuss this year’s benefit.


We then discuss a very interesting spam email Brian got.


We then discuss the Beatles new song which made use of A.I. in its development. Is this a good thing?


YouTube is cracking down on ad blockers causing a mass exodus from them.


Introducing the world’s first ChatGPT indoor camera. Could this be something for the blind and useful if it is accessible? On a related note world powers got together as they claim they want to contain A.I. And it took President Biden watching the latest Mission Impossible movie to get concerned about the future of A.I.


We then finally tackle the latest Apple event Scary Fast. Apple announced new M3 Mac Book Pros and a new 24 inch iMac. Instead of discussing the newly announced Macs, we discuss which Macs we are currently running, and our current opinions and issues with the state of VoiceOver on the Mac. And we’re all trying to figure out why Mac accessories are still lightning charging.


And finally, finally Brian remembered to include some of the VoiceMails and Emails we have gotten in to the show. Thanks to everyone who called and wrote in.


And it’s more of Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading.


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