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That Real Blind Tech Show

Nov 24, 2023

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech show, and the episode that almost never happened. It’s a packed studio with Allison, Brian, Jeanine, and David Goldstein once again pinch hitting for a sick Ed.


After some fun technological difficulties, we kick things off discussing the NFB Pennsylvania state conference that both Brian and David were just at. And Brian doesn’t even live in the state of Pennsylvania. Jeanine then fills us in on the ACB Ohio conference she just attended and the special message that was waiting for her at the conference. Which then leads us to a new term, BBB, and you will have to listen to learn what it mean.


Is. Amazon working on a new operating system?


Microsoft is rebranding Remote Desktop as Windows app, but will it be for enterprise users only?


Apple has followed IBM, and Disney, Comcast, and Paramount have all paused advertising on Twitter because MuskButt it an idiot.


It has been a crazy past few days since Open A.I. fired C.E.O. Sam Altman. What will this mean for the future of Be My A.I.? And because we are not a daily podcast or a breaking news show, before we could get this episode released Sam Altman has returned to Open A.I. and is back as their C.E.O., and the board is out.


Be My A.I. has now expanded in to customer service with their partnership with Microsoft.


Is the Singularity closer than we think, and is it real?


The Humane A.I. pin sounded like a game changer for the blind at first, but then we checked out their website. And their demo got a few things wrong with their A.I.


With A.I. being the rage these days, no wonder Cambridge Dictionary chose Hallucinate as the word of the year.


We discuss Black Friday and if we will be shopping for anything, or has Black Friday jumped the shark. While none of us were that excited for Black Friday, we were all very interested to learn about the strangest gifts found on the internet.


Supposedly in Watch OS 10.2 you will once again be able to flick through your watch faces like you used to be able to.


And it is an absolutely epic What’s Pissing Off Brian that you will not want to miss and more of Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading.


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