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That Real Blind Tech Show

Feb 16, 2021

Brian and Ed discuss the waging war between Zuckhead err Facebook and Apple as the great privacy debate of the impending iOS 14.5 ramps up. Do you care if apps are tracking you and targeting advertising to you?
We then welcome in Trailblazers long time tech enthusiasts and podcasters Ricky Enger and Joe Steinkamp. Joe and Ricky walk us through the early days of Serotek podcasting and how all their different shows came in to existence. Ricky and Joe then catch us up in what they have been involved in since they left the Serotek podcast network. The conversation then moves to a passion of Joe’s accessible gaming for the low vision and totally blind. We discuss the game of the year for 2020, The Last of Us 2, not to worry as Brian butchers the name of the game several times. This is Us is a TV Show and The Last of Us is a video game. Ricky and Joe then walk us through their earliest experiences with assistive technology. Brian then gets his long awaited answer to why Joe is not a huge Apple fan boy, and the answer really catches Brian by surprise. We get Joe’s opinion of gaming from a low vision perspective in 2021 and Ricky’s opinion from a totally blind perspective. Joe then gives us the latest on what is going on with Blind Bargains. And we finally get an answer to the question ancient philosophers have been asking for years, what’s the meaning of the rickey Enger wake up song.        , 
Ed then discusses his experience getting vaccinated as a visually impaired blind peep.
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