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That Real Blind Tech Show

Feb 20, 2021

The gang is back in their socially distanced podcast bunkers of choice for an all new hard hitting That Real Blind Tech Show. We start off with a story  for our an early early nomination for the Darwin Awards, careful all it takes is 18 steps in your health app. Then it is on to talk of the Super Bowl, but not the game, the streaker. If you have not heard the radio call, you will not want to miss it, and not to worry we have it for you! We then move on to the hottest thing on the planet right now, Clubhouse. At least one of us has given their info to Clubhouse and the Chinese government. Is this a big concern? Just an FYI, since we recorded this it looks like Clubhouse has been banned in China, and Brian has also joined the Clubhouse!  We left it in so you could enjoy the conversation. Then what would a podcast in 2021 be without a conversation about Covid? Can an Apple Watch really detect Covid a week earlier then tests? Widgets, are they really useful? Has your iPhone been vibrating out of control near your HomePod Mini? Have you noticed most of your Google apps have not been updated on iOS in quite awhile? We have. We then discuss the only thing hotter then Clubhouse, AR/VR glasses which are rumored to be coming some time in the future from Apple. Is it about time for Apple to implement an accessibility rating scale for all apps in the App Store? Then a discussion about blind apartment and house hunting. Next it’s a review of our experiences with the Aftershokz OpenComm’s as two out of three of us are now rocking them. And finally it is more of What’s Pissing Off Brian and Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading.
Articles Discussed in this Episode 
1. Our early nominee for a Darwin Award
2. A study finds that the Apple Watch may be able to detect Covid a week faster then tests
3. How to turn off HomePod Mini Proximity sensors
4. Apple wants to use AR/VR Glasses to detect freshness of food.
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