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That Real Blind Tech Show

Apr 13, 2021

Brian and Ed welcome Sound Designer Jim Reekes in to the That Real Blind Tech Show Podcast Bunker. Jim is responsible for creating that start up chime your Mac makes along with other sounds used on the Mac and iOS devices. Jim walks us through the founding of Apple as a computer company, and some funny promises Steve Jobs had to make along the way.


Jim explains to us  how the name for the original Mac start up sound came to be known as SoSuMi. An absolute classic of a story.


Jim then explains to us how he created a phone at Apple, but not an iPhone. We ask Jim about his limited interactions with Steve Jobs, and Jim tells us about what Steve Jobs thought of QuickTime initially. Jim then shares with us that it is sometimes better to just put something in an operating system and worry about what people may say and think after the fact.


We then tackle the importance of good audio design versus bad audio design. And we get Jim’s reaction to hearing the camera sound click for the first time on an iPhone!


And finally, imagine if executives stopped you from working on your billion dollar idea, it happened to Jim!


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