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That Real Blind Tech Show

Apr 22, 2021

The entire gang is back together again in our socially distanced bunkers of choice to discuss all the news coming out of Apple’s Spring Time Event.


Because it is never ever all Apple in the blind tech world, we start out discussing Uber being removed from the Aira app as a preferred ride share. Hey, this is all on Uber. On a related note, we discuss the recent settlement won by a blind woman against uber, and our own discrimination uber stories because, lets be honest, we all have had them!


Facebook is looking to get in to the audio social media playing field since everyone else has.


We start our Apple recap off with the long awaited Air Tags finally being released. Does anyone really care anymore? Well, probably if you lose things, you do.


Minutes after The Apple Spring Time event ended Tile was petitioning Congress to investigate Apple on anti-trust violations. Well that didn’t take long. Is Apple looking to put Patreon out of business next with Apple Podcast Subscriptions?


Apple announced a new 6th generation TV with a lot of fancy shamans graphic stuff that no one who listens to this podcast would care about. However, we all probably will absolutely love the new redesigned AppleTV remote.


Apple then announced the first M1 iMac, and one of us is pouting as their iMac is no longer the newest in the line, but hey it is far from a paper weight. We then discuss the three new keyboards announced by Apple, all which are missing one gigantic huge feature.


The M1 chip will now be in the iPad Pro models. Will you be getting one as they have at least one new really cool feature.


And of course it is more of What’s Pissing Off Brian and Watcha Streaming Watcha Reading!


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