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That Real Blind Tech Show

Apr 30, 2021

Brian starts the podcast off flying solo. Stupid people with day jobs. He discusses the new features in iOS 14.5, the new Siri voices which he is not a fan of, the new big privacy update, and gives you a That Real Blind Tech Show demo of some of the new things you can do with Siri and different podcast players.


Brian then talks about a bug that is still showing up in Watch OS 7.4 for VoiceOver users, which of course is quite annoying.  Mac OS Big Sur still has a pretty big VoiceOver bug that is still preventing Brian from upgrading to Big Sur.


From the old iAccessVO archives, Brian and Ed welcomed in Academy Award Winner JK Simmons. Being that it is Oscar season, we thought we would rerelease our interview with Academy Award winner JK Simmons. You may recognize JK’s voice as the Yellow M&M, The Farmer’s Insurance commercials, Law and Order, the Spider Man movies, his amazing performance in Whiplash, or from a ton of other TV shows and movies.


We discuss Jk’s time playing a blind man on the sitcom Growing Up Fisher, how he prepared to play a blind man, his background in music theory, and Voice Acting. JK tells us what it is like to Host Saturday Night Live. What he loves about acting, and what advice he has for someone starting out in acting.


We then get a little info on Amazon Prime Day and a What’s Pissing Off Brian Now solo style!


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