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That Real Blind Tech Show

Jun 9, 2021

Allison and Brian are joined by Jeanine Stanley pinch hitting for Ed. Hold on to your shoelaces as the gang is going to discuss all the announcements coming out of Cupertino and how we feel they will effect accessibility.


We kick off the show discussing a few things Apple did not discuss during WWDC. First that out of the top selling 1000 apps, two percent of them are scams, and careful if you send your iPhone in to Apple to be fixed, you may want to make sure you have removed certain things from your phone first.


We dive full on in to WWDC, starting off asking was anyone disappointed with no new hardware announcements? Then before we jump in to the slew of updates Apple announced are coming this Fall we ask are we freaking out that accessibility issues are coming? You have probably heard by now that FaceTime is getting a few tweaks, will they put Zoom out of business? And now you can FaceTime with your Android and Windows friends. Notifications will have a whole new redesign with more customization and a new notification summary. Apple Live Text will bring OCR to the camera app! Will you be adding your identification to your Apple wallet? 


Live listen on Air Pods will be getting a steroid boost and Notifications while wearing Air Pods will now be announced.


iPad OS will see multitask and split screen keyboard commands, the app library and widgets will finally come to iPad OS, plus Quick Notes will becoming to all apps on the iPad. , 


Because everything needs a summary these days, privacy will be getting its own summary. Even with iCloud Plus you still will not be able to live on in the cloud after you die, at least not yet, sorry Brian.


Siri will now suck on third party devices!


We barely cover Watch OS 8, and you will have to listen to know why. What will you be asking your Apple TV to play hands free?


Mac OS Monterrey is on its way and its all about continuity but can we please get freaking handoff to work properly first. And tab groups will be coming to safari.


And even though he has nothing to do with Apple, we had to talk about Jeff Bezos going to space. What would those Pigs in Space think!



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