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That Real Blind Tech Show

Oct 30, 2021

Brian and Ed welcome Michael Kalberer in to the virtual That Real Blind Tech show studio. Michael is an uplifting spirit as he lives with both blindness from LCA  and Cerebral Palsy. 


Michael is a big sports fan and tells us what it was like growing up with multiple disabilities and still participating playing sports.  We discuss how he handled being ten years old with CP and then being diagnosed with a visual impairment. 


Michael explains to us what it feels like being told you are unemployable and how he proved the person wrong who told him that. 


We discuss how Michael discovered he had been misdiagnosed with RP, and how randomly speaking at a Foundation Fighting Blindness seminar led to a clinical trial that changed his life.  


Michael was one of the first people in the world to undergo the Brilliance trial. We find out what goes through your mind the night before being one of the first to undergo a clinical trial.  He then explains to us what CrispR is. 


Michael is a member of The All Blind Fantasy Hockey League, we discuss how he uses accessible technology to follow his team.  Even though Brian could talk all day about Fantasy, we get back on track with Michael discussing the first year of the results for him through the Brilliance trial. 


To keep up with Michael make sure to visit his website. You can also find Michael on Facebook.



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