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That Real Blind Tech Show

Sep 28, 2020

Man Caves are popping up everywhere these days, even in NYC’s Grand Central Station. Stop the presses, Amazon Prime Day has been announced in the U.S. for October 13th, but hang on won’t that clash with something else rumored to be taking place the same day. If you are a Google Meet user you better get used to keeping those calls under an hour or it will cost you. Amazon held their yearly keynote and announced a slew of new products. We discuss them all and if any of them will be in our homes soon.   

Join us for a very special interview with Kisiah Timmons, a Principal Product Designer at   Verizon Media. We discuss Kisiah’s career journey along with the road blocks she has faced along the way being blind in the tech world. We discuss how Kisiah ended up working on the fantastic Yahoo Fantasy app at Verizon Media, learn about the case study that Yahoo Fantasy is conducting with The All Blind Football league, and much more.

After our interview tune in for our discussion about the new Apple Watch Series 6, sleep tracking, and hand washing. Really, this is not a joke, we are talking about hand washing on the podcast. And of course it is then on to our experiences with iOS 14 and Atari Tennis. Back Tap for you, Back Tap for me, Back Tap for almost everyone. Why does every app on your iPhone want to talk to other devices on your network in iOS 14?

Articles Discussed in this Episode.

1.      The MTA discovers a Mancave hidden beneath Grand Central Station.
2. Google Meet being completely free for as long as you want will soon be coming to an end.
3. Coalition For App Fairness unites App Developers against Apple.
4. Amazon announces all newly redesigned Echo devices and ones targeted at kids.
5. An all new chip makes Alexa even faster s

6. Alexa will supposedly be getting smarter!
7. All new updated Fire Stick and Fire Stick Light
8. Amazon Show Smart Devices will soon be able to stream Netflix
9. Amazon launches new Guard Plus service for home security.