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That Real Blind Tech Show

Apr 24, 2022

Brian and Ed welcome Liz Gutman from International Digital Center (IDC) to the That Real Blind Tech Show lair.


Liz is the Head Writer for Audio Description at IDC. She explains to us what that entails, how she first learned about audio description, and how she got involved with working in Audio Description writing.


Liz pulls back the curtain a little, and lets us know about her process for writing an Audio Described script. We discuss the difference between good and not so good audio description, and learn that putting together an Audio Described script is more of a team effort than you would think.


We ask Liz if the studios and production companies are aware of the difference between high quality audio description and the other stuff.


We then discuss Brian’s experience reading his first Audio Described track and Liz’s experience working with him.


Liz then explains to us what her experience was like writing the Audio Described script for Bridgerton. You can read the article that both Liz and Brian are quoted in about Audio Description in the Wall Street Journal.


Liz is now teaching Audio Description writing with her former mentor Colleen Conner and while the current classes are completely sold out, you can learn more about them here. You can keep up with all things Liz by following her on Twitter.


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