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That Real Blind Tech Show

Aug 22, 2020

Join Brian and Ed as they discuss all the latest greatest headlines mostly in the assistive technology world.

Discussed in this show. CSUN may have waited way to long to cancel their 2020 conference, but they are ahead of the virtual ball for 2021. What in the wide world of California is going on with Uber and Lift? Then it is on to fond memories of Brian taking an uber, or was it an uber? No Apple Watch Beta for you! Is Apple now copying Microsoft Soundscape? Great news for VM Ware Fusion virtual machine users as VM Ware will continue to work with Mac Big Sur. The question of the show, is Aira still worth the cost? Does having to use an ATM piss you off? Well it pisses Brian off. Amazon makes improvements for its low vision Fire TV customers. And back by popular demand, it is more of what ya streaming what ya reading.

Brian and Ed also welcome to That Real Blind Tech Show, special guest, David Kingsbury for a conversation about David’s new book, When One Web Browser Is Not Enough. We also learn about David(s background and the work he does at the Carroll Center.

Articles Discussed in this Episode.

Uber and Lift Shut Down Averted in California until October 1, 2020

Now the Janitors are even suing Apple.

Apple is Looking to get in to the Spatial Audio Navigation Game

VM Ware Fusion 12 to Work with Mac OS Big Sur

New Low Vision Feature Comes to Amazon Fire TV